We desire to be

A technology-based company with the desire of going beyond the realms of conventions that contributes to providing innovative services for a better life.


We believe that we have prepared ourselves for the progress, innovation and evolution of important and up-to-date issues in the world.

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Accelerator NAFUNTech

Our Technical Teams

By creating specialized teams, we help you make better and smarter decisions and dramatically increase the efficiency of your organization and business.

Artificial Intelligence

Our team has been working on artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligent team’s mission is to advance the state-of-the-art on artificial intelligence and its application to natural language processing, image processing, computer vision, multi-modal intelligence, deep learning and for making progress on conversational AI. Our goal is to provide the best level of service to our customers.

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Web Development

We develop ideas for any device that can connect to the Internet.
For us, operating system is no different. (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.) also the size of devices does not matter (smartwatches, mobile phones and computers).
Our aim is to cover all people to reach better life.

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Native apps are able to use all the blessings and potential of system to maximize app functionalities and deliver the ultimate user experience in the result.
Native Apps Are More Interactive And Intuitive and Have The Best Performance.
User interaction and comfort is our biggest goal.

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Image processing

Our Image Processing team is a workgroup doing research in computer vision, image analysis, and machine learning algorithms.
This team has been created with the aim of conducting research projects in the field of image and video processing and analysis, image-making, and computational intelligence. Projects are generally related to computational intelligence methods such as deep neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy algorithms, and in the field of machine vision and image processing.

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The information Club Area

October 3rd, 2022|0 Comments

The Info Team Space is located in Akademi, on the https://oneinfo-room.net/choosing-antivirus-for-chrome-get-yourself-a-full-protection third floorboards in the upper wing. Opportunities are locked and the glass windows have window treatments, but the bedroom is very darker. This is [...]

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