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Face care

Health 24 May 2021
This Android application uses artificial intelligence algorithms and image processing to detect users’ skin needs. To use this application, users need to first register their facial photo, and then using AI algorithms, determine the status of their skin. After identifying the skin condition, the application suggests appropriate solutions, creams, and medications that address their skin needs.

Our application guarantees quality and user satisfaction by using high-quality raw materials for producing products and providing quality support services.

Project Detail
  1. Skin condition identification: The application uses image processing and AI technologies to identify the user’s skin condition.
  2. Relevant product recommendations: Based on the user’s skin condition, the application can suggest products that meet their needs.
  3. Skin care solutions: The application can provide users with personalized solutions to improve their skin condition.
  4. Connection to sellers: After introducing the necessary products to the user, the application can connect the products to relevant sellers so that users can easily obtain them.

By utilizing these features, the application can provide users with personalized solutions to improve their skin condition while also helping them easily obtain the necessary products.

This application uses several advanced technologies for image processing and skin condition detection. For instance, deep neural networks are used to identify facial features and skin conditions. Image processing algorithms are also utilized to increase the accuracy of skin condition detection and feature extraction. Additionally, text processing technologies are used for tasks such as identifying skin types and suggesting suitable solutions.

Overall, this application employs advanced artificial intelligence technologies, deep learning, image processing, and text processing to provide accurate and personalized solutions for users’ skin needs.

The advantages of using this application include saving time and costs associated with consulting with skin experts and visiting doctors, offering accurate and personalized solutions for users’ skin needs, recommending suitable products and medications for skin needs, and providing useful and comprehensive information about skin and how to take care of it.
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